A Vibrant Tapestry of Joy and Culture in Downtown San José

Celebrating Black Family Day:

by Chinedu Nwoffiah for Silicon Valley Black Journal

If you strolled through downtown San Jose on the radiant and sun-kissed Saturday, February 24th, you couldn't have missed the kaleidoscope of rich African colors, the rhythmic beats of drums, the enchanting tunes of Caribbean steel drums, the soul-stirring voices of virtuoso singers, and the infectious laughter of both young and old coming together to celebrate Black Joy. This jubilant gathering is none other than the annual ritual known as Black Family Day…

A Celebration of African and African Ancestry Health and Heritage

Black Family Day is the culminating event of the African and African Ancestry Month in Silicon Valley. It is a free public event that celebrates the heritage, health and wellness of African and African ancestry people in Silicon Valley. 


The event is produced by Silicon Valley African Film Festival and presented by Black Leadership Kitchen Cabinet (BLKC) of Silicon Valley in partnership with the Santa Clara County Public Health Department.


A full day of spectacular performances, food, family & children activities, vendors, raffles, and more!

  • Date

    February 24, 2024

  • Time

    11:00 am  - 4:00 pm

  • Location

    Parque de los Pobladores
    510 S 1st Street, San Jose, CA 95113